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About La Fabrica

I have four sewing machines, two kids, a husband an a full time job.

The gnome

There is a little sort of Waldorf school around here, which makes me happy, not that I know that much what it is behind their principles, but they knit and sew, and prepare bread, and sort of let the kids roam free in nature, and I like all that.

One of their kid needed a gnome costume, and I came up with this hat, the  belt and the beard. I liked making it a lot, so I made one set for us, and I was going to get ride of it, but yesterday I saw Lulu using the hat, so maybe they will stay.

For this project i switched to synthetic felt first time in my life time, and it is not that bad. As long as it will be not be washed is a very nice material, once washed it pills and looks ragged.

I lined the hat and the belt with canvas to add body. For the hat I sprayed glue between the canvas and the felt, but I’m not sure it is really needed. The beard is a triangle of syntetic hairy fabric, I don’t know the name of it . There is a place in Nahalat Benyamin, in Tel Aviv (which I don’t remember the name) with a good selection of fake fury fabrics. I overlocked the edges of the triangle and attached an elastic band to it.

I can provide instructions if any one is interested.

Update: Shem asked me for a sword and a holder, so the gnome belt maybe will have a very unwaldorfy twist.






A honey jar bag

One of the things that frustrates me more is all the thinking time that goes into designing a piece. I get so frustrated that many times I asked myself if I even like it. And the answer is I do, but I find the part when I’m actually sewing easier. Why? I  suppose that it is because I don’t have time, and I have very limited brainpower, and then thinking and designing could go forever. But when Lulu has a birthday party, and there is just few days, or even hours to come up with a present, then all is fun. There two constrains that make the design easy: it needs to be quick and it needs to be done with the material I have.


This birthday girl likes bees, being the daughter of beekeeper, and also likes bags, so Lulu suggested making a bag with a shape of a bee, but it was too difficult. So I came with the idea of a bee brooch, but Lulu thought that it was a bad idea and she came up with the idea of making a honey jar bag, and that was it. A honey jar bag with a bee brooch.


I used some of the fancy embroidery stitches of my fancy Pfaff machine, which I’m using more than I thought that I was going to use.



Purim. The strawberry part

055.jpgSo this Purim word came around that I now how to sew and people, well, moms in fact, (I don’t think fathers get into in the Purim frenzy) started asking if I could do this and that. It was fun, but also challenging, mostly because of the pricing. Is not easy to estimate how many hours are going to go into one piece. The strawberry was one of the most straightforward and satisfying projects I got :an  A line little dress in a cotton lawn with an elastic in the hem for the balloon effect and details in wool felt. The strawberry effect is done using the satin stitch. The closure is a keyhole in the back. It was finished with bias tape of the same fabric and with french seams. Then I got carried away and added some embroidery details.

I had to redo the keyhole. I keep forgetting how big the head of kids is.

Purim. The cats part.


My mother used to say that that parenthood was an act of pure narcissism. I could say the opposite: motherhood has let me with no time to even look at myself in the mirror, but then I have switched to look for reflections of myself in my children, which might  just be a refined act of narcissism, and that might be what my mother was talking about.

I have problems sewing costumes. Such a  waste of time and fabric! All that trouble for one day? True that the kids could use them through the years, but in fact they might get more fun out of an old rag found randomly  than from a careful planned and made costume. I have the nagging feeling that the whole kid costume business , which is pretty strong here in Israel, is mostly for the enjoying of the moms. Anyway, Purim came and when Lulu said that she would like a cat costume, that could be used as a pajamas as well, I saw my reflection. For the good and the worst. And when Shem said that he also wanted the same  I said -done deal-

It has brought a lot of joy to see this couple of black cats around the house. It was a great idea after all.



Here is Shem reading his favorite book of all: a book of cakes. Both of them can spend hours fantasizing about the different cakes. I should show the book, it’s a vintage Israeli book, no fancy stuff, just candy and butter cream and tons of food color.


The shirt is the School Bus from Oliver and S. I just added a hood. The tail is a piece of fabric with regular filling from  Hobbily. The ears are made of synthetic felt, which it was a bad idea (I run out of wool felt). After a few cycles in the washing machine they look kind of old. Fabric is a cheap one bought in a strange place in Nahalat Benyamin, one day I should write about it.


La bruja Aureliana Diaz




This is the bruja Aureliana Diaz. The hair is made of black silk, the body and the bag of wool felt, the dress is made of linen. I made her for a friend. I don’t think I will use the silk  for the hair again, it’s very delicate, gets entangled in everything, though it is very beautiful. I use the silk to attach the limbs, because it’s very strong.

Bending the rules

Using the same pattern that used for the fluffy pijama top, the school bus for Oliver-and-s I made a dress for Lulu. She is not supposed to go to school with dresses, the uniform specifies t-shirts with the school logo, but what if the top of the dress is a t-shirt? A gray are I suppose….and so a gray dress was born. I bought the fabric, a gray melange jersey, in Goldshtain at Nachlat Benyamin. They sell it by weight, so I have no idea what was the price.


I just added a rectangle to the T-shirt, which I shortened a little bit, and just made little pleats with pins. I sewed the dress with the serger and it was very easy.


I painted the logo with Sharpies. Anything but going to Beersheva to get the logo printed.

My bone and flesh teddy bear

Lulu, may daughter, gave me the ultimatum: just flexible fabrics. I suppose she means JUST knits, I don’t think she includes in the “flexible fabrics” (badim gmishim) jean with some elastane, or anything more to my liking, so I’m doing my best to embrace the knits, and actually I might be turning into a fan.

I made for her a pijama top of some sort of fluffy material.


The fabric is some strange knit that I found at Goldshtain in Nachlat Binyamin. I meant it for a hat, but Lulu look at it with so much desire in her eyes, that I just  had to made her something with the fabric. The fabric is 40 shequels a meter and I used folded elastic for the finishing. It was my first time using this finish and I’m hooked. I easy and looks better than I thought it would. Lulu is happy and has been using it nonstop.

The patter is the School bus T-shirt from Oliver-and-s, is a good pattern, but I think is meant to be quite tight. I measured Lulu and she is size 6, however the T-shirt came out a little tight. Also I modified the neck a bit, to be more roomy. The design is for a very high neckline, more appropriated for cold climates I suppose.

I started using the overlock and switched to the regular machine zig-zag. The fabric is thick and the overlock machine wasn’t working properly.