The gnome

There is a little sort of Waldorf school around here, which makes me happy, not that I know that much what it is behind their principles, but they knit and sew, and prepare bread, and sort of let the kids roam free in nature, and I like all that.

One of their kid needed a gnome costume, and I came up with this hat, the  belt and the beard. I liked making it a lot, so I made one set for us, and I was going to get ride of it, but yesterday I saw Lulu using the hat, so maybe they will stay.

For this project i switched to synthetic felt first time in my life time, and it is not that bad. As long as it will be not be washed is a very nice material, once washed it pills and looks ragged.

I lined the hat and the belt with canvas to add body. For the hat I sprayed glue between the canvas and the felt, but I’m not sure it is really needed. The beard is a triangle of syntetic hairy fabric, I don’t know the name of it . There is a place in Nahalat Benyamin, in Tel Aviv (which I don’t remember the name) with a good selection of fake fury fabrics. I overlocked the edges of the triangle and attached an elastic band to it.

I can provide instructions if any one is interested.

Update: Shem asked me for a sword and a holder, so the gnome belt maybe will have a very unwaldorfy twist.






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