A honey jar bag

One of the things that frustrates me more is all the thinking time that goes into designing a piece. I get so frustrated that many times I asked myself if I even like it. And the answer is I do, but I find the part when I’m actually sewing easier. Why? I  suppose that it is because I don’t have time, and I have very limited brainpower, and then thinking and designing could go forever. But when Lulu has a birthday party, and there is just few days, or even hours to come up with a present, then all is fun. There two constrains that make the design easy: it needs to be quick and it needs to be done with the material I have.


This birthday girl likes bees, being the daughter of beekeeper, and also likes bags, so Lulu suggested making a bag with a shape of a bee, but it was too difficult. So I came with the idea of a bee brooch, but Lulu thought that it was a bad idea and she came up with the idea of making a honey jar bag, and that was it. A honey jar bag with a bee brooch.


I used some of the fancy embroidery stitches of my fancy Pfaff machine, which I’m using more than I thought that I was going to use.




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