Purim. The cats part.


My mother used to say that that parenthood was an act of pure narcissism. I could say the opposite: motherhood has let me with no time to even look at myself in the mirror, but then I have switched to look for reflections of myself in my children, which might  just be a refined act of narcissism, and that might be what my mother was talking about.

I have problems sewing costumes. Such a  waste of time and fabric! All that trouble for one day? True that the kids could use them through the years, but in fact they might get more fun out of an old rag found randomly  than from a careful planned and made costume. I have the nagging feeling that the whole kid costume business , which is pretty strong here in Israel, is mostly for the enjoying of the moms. Anyway, Purim came and when Lulu said that she would like a cat costume, that could be used as a pajamas as well, I saw my reflection. For the good and the worst. And when Shem said that he also wanted the same  I said -done deal-

It has brought a lot of joy to see this couple of black cats around the house. It was a great idea after all.



Here is Shem reading his favorite book of all: a book of cakes. Both of them can spend hours fantasizing about the different cakes. I should show the book, it’s a vintage Israeli book, no fancy stuff, just candy and butter cream and tons of food color.


The shirt is the School Bus from Oliver and S. I just added a hood. The tail is a piece of fabric with regular filling from  Hobbily. The ears are made of synthetic felt, which it was a bad idea (I run out of wool felt). After a few cycles in the washing machine they look kind of old. Fabric is a cheap one bought in a strange place in Nahalat Benyamin, one day I should write about it.



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