Quilted vest

So maybe this time I learn the lesson and next time I will do a toile? Who knows, I’m the kind the person that repeats mistakes, over and over again. A real pity this time, because the quilted vest came out perfect, but a little big. I made a medium size of the Purlbee quilted vest. I think it runs a little big, unless you want to layer it over a thick pullover.


For the outside I used a blend of silk, linen and cotton. It a beautiful fabric but sat on my stash for a while, while I wondered what could be the its best destiny. I got it thinking in a dress, until I realized that I don’t have any opportunity to use a silk dress. I also used it on the wrong side, where is more textured. For the inside I used a lightweight black linen fabric. For the batting I used the remains of the cotton batting from my kona cotton quilt.

The pictures do not do the vest justice, I must say.

I have a confession to make: I also did not prewash this fabrics. My reasoning was that the vest is not a tight garment, so it has some room for shrinking (and actually now there is a lot of room for shrinking), and given that the silk is so slippery even before removing the sizing, and considering that I HATE prewashing, well, I just went for it. At some point will wash it and I’ll tell.

The vest has some sort of Chinese air to it, so I added huge pockets (a lot bigger than the ones in the other version of the Purlbee vest, the Quilted Wool Vest ), because I want pockets were my iphone will be safe, but also to break the lines a little bit.

I still did not find the proper fasteners and I need to take pictures of me wearing it. I’m working on it.


I was afraid that sewing them will ruin the vest on the black side, but they didn’t. I spent some time wondering if to quilt or not the pocket but at the end decided for a simpler solution. I doubled up the silk and voila!, pockets.


I added a sort of unusual detail for hanging the vest.

I think is a great project, but is quite time consuming, so please, learn from my mistake and make a toile.





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