My bone and flesh teddy bear

Lulu, may daughter, gave me the ultimatum: just flexible fabrics. I suppose she means JUST knits, I don’t think she includes in the “flexible fabrics” (badim gmishim) jean with some elastane, or anything more to my liking, so I’m doing my best to embrace the knits, and actually I might be turning into a fan.

I made for her a pijama top of some sort of fluffy material.


The fabric is some strange knit that I found at Goldshtain in Nachlat Binyamin. I meant it for a hat, but Lulu look at it with so much desire in her eyes, that I just  had to made her something with the fabric. The fabric is 40 shequels a meter and I used folded elastic for the finishing. It was my first time using this finish and I’m hooked. I easy and looks better than I thought it would. Lulu is happy and has been using it nonstop.

The patter is the School bus T-shirt from Oliver-and-s, is a good pattern, but I think is meant to be quite tight. I measured Lulu and she is size 6, however the T-shirt came out a little tight. Also I modified the neck a bit, to be more roomy. The design is for a very high neckline, more appropriated for cold climates I suppose.

I started using the overlock and switched to the regular machine zig-zag. The fabric is thick and the overlock machine wasn’t working properly.


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