Embroidery Sampler


What would be my life without Purlbee? I don’t know, but certainly they inspire me. When I saw this I new that I needed to try it. Instead of linen I used a re-purposed piece of canvas (it has some stains), because with is rigid enough so there is no need for an embroidery hoop, and I was so excited that I did not think much about the color scheme, I just was like a four years old trying different colors and stitches. I don’t know if I like it, but I did learn a lot of about embroidery stitches and combinations and I had FUN. I did not care about being accurate, I just rush ahead and enjoyed the process.

I tried to make a stencil, but I couldn’t, so I used whatever I found in the kitchen, so the outer circle is from my 1 kg honey jar, and the small one is from the marmalade jar.


The markers are the  air erasable ones, they are very useful, I don’t know how I managed before I knew about them.


I recommend this tutorial from Crafsy, and this one and this one for two color techniques from Purl Bee. The also have a tutorial for the french knot. The stain on the left is actually my own blood, the price of dealing with needles.


For this stitch, that I think is some sort of backstitch variation, I used anther backstitch to guide the loops and then removed it. I think this is the most sophisticated one, the other ones are basics, maybe the french know is a little tricky, I remember that took me a while to master it a few months ago.


For the palestrina stitch above I used the tutorial of rocksea. There they have an incredible amount of tutorial and info about embroidery.



I made the hanger from an old broom stick. I thought that it would be better with a dowel, but for that I needed to go to Beer Sheva, and at the end I decided that I liked it more the sort of kitchen/ old fashion look that the broom stick gives to it. I taped the ends and painted them using nail polish.  I actually cut the stick with the hand saw, because, the way we say in Spanich, en casa de herrero cuchillo de palo (at home blacksmith, wooden knife or the shomaker’s son goes barefoot) and in my house there are not power tools.


One think I liked about this project is that remind us how much you can do with just our hands, with no need for a machine. Sometimes people ask me for help on sewing things that they could do by hand in 5 minutes, with just a needle and thread. But, no need to patronize here, I just want to say that this inspired me to try a shirt Alabama Chanin style, like in the dress below. She does amazing things, her website is really nice and everything is sewn by hand.

alabama chanin


I also wanted to share three people that do embroidery and are just too good to be true. One is Adriana Torres of Miga de Pan, the other is Yumiko Higuchi and the third is Karen Barbe


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