Purlbee cross back apron

I love aprons. Not because I have fancy clothe to protect, but because is like wearing a huge kitchen towel. Cooking with kids (or anything with kids for the matter) is the land of the constant interruption. Mom, water please/Mom, Shem hits me/Mom, Lulu hits me and so on, so I go from one side of the house to the other misplacing my kitchen towel (in between other things). Not any more.

The other thing I love about wearing an apron is because is the adult version of a bib. It is incredible the mess I can make eating a plate of anything.

But is not easy to find the perfect apron pattern. I sewed before the unisex apron with a few fabrics I did not like to begin with. The apron was usable (well…big deal, is an apron!) but it made me shapeless. Also tiding the straps was cumbersome and hanging it in the wall also, because the straps would slide.

None of my friends understand my pursuit of the flattering apron. Well, is one of the garments that I wear most, why shouldn’t be flattering? Why, can’t  I be a smart looking cleaning lady?

When I saw the Purlbee Cross Back Apron I started drooling, it is perfection made into an apron! Of course, that handkerchief linen of theirs probably makes anything looks like a dream, but here in Israel is not easy to find linen so nice (or at least I don’t know where). And then, again, Ikea came to my rescue. They sell Aina fabric 100% linen. Is a medium weight linen, while the linen that they recommend using at Purl Bee is a lightweight one, so the only modification I made is that I didn’t made straps with 4 layers but just 2.

Somehow when I put the measurements in cm I managed to screw up the pattern and the distance between the top of the pocket and the top of the apron is too long, some harmony was lost. I suppose also that the lady in the pictures of Purl Bee is tall and thin, and not like me, not that tall and in the chubby side, so I was kind of disappointed, it is not the flattering apron that I was looking for, but the apron in itself is very nice, the cross back is genius (not straps to tie and hangs perfectly in it’s kitchen hanger), the fabric is perfect for drying hands, the pockets are perfect. I just washed and it’s actually hanging to dry, I’m very curious to see how the apron survived the washing machine and it’s first stains.

About the fabric. The fabric is rough to the touch, so I don’t know how it will work for another garment. It has plenty of texture and the weave is very loose. It has a rustic feeling. Maybe it will be perfect for pants, a bag, or even towels. I really want to make bath towels from this fabric.

I manage to get the apron with about  1 m. (x 1.5 m width). The original apron is on the long side, and for a me, that I’m 1.70 m tall it was kind of long.

Note: if you use the Aina for a sewing project I recommend not to wash it. The shrinkage is 5%, which is not relevant for an apron, and because it is loose weave, is not easy to sew once it has been washed.

Kudos for me that I’m posting such a terrible pictures but posting what I do nevertheless, but did I need to show that lone flip flop?



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