A little cat bag and some thoughts about toys


This is a birthday present that I made in a rush for kid in my daughter’s class. I spent an hour, more or less, and it came out nice. It’s all hand sewn, an activity I like to do when I just woke up at 5 AM and the house is in silence. I used very simple stitches, just backstitch and a leaf embroidery stitch, then I used some beads that I took from some old necklace. I used a triple sandwich, so the back of the embroidery is hidden when you open the bag, but I also like the color interest that it adds. I also wanted to get ride of that strange peach color. It’s amazing how forgiving are the embroidery stitches, anything you do looks good.

The presents for this birthday parties are always a dilemma, because I don’t want to spend too much money on them, but on the other hand I’m reluctant to but cheap Chinese toys. The other day I was reading that most of Chinese child labor goes into making toys. The idea of child labor is terrible enough, but the idea that all this incredibly nice and cheap Chinese plush toys are made by children make things even more painful.

Anyway, sometimes Lulu makes something, and sometimes I make it myself, but so far, except once that a good friend of Lulu requested a big eye doll (I didn’t know what were those), we haven’t been contributing to Chinese child labor. I thought that this little bags can be done with almost any figure, it could be a bunny, or a sheep.

Anyway, sometimes I wish people would start requesting a No present policy. I don’t understand the need for 20 or more little presents. But, then, when I was wondering about doing this for Lulu’s birthday party, I thought that Lulu would have killed me had she be the only kid without presents in her class. Oh well….




2 thoughts on “A little cat bag and some thoughts about toys

    1. La Fabrica Post author

      Thanks Tamar. I really want to start my movement of no more non handmade toys movement started. I will be posting all the little things that I do for birthdays, and maybe I’ll post more tutorials, and maybe I will translate them to Hebrew. It’s going to be ready for when you grandchildren are in first grade. 🙂



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