Patos y patitos

So, continuing with this new decision of posting regardless of the quality of the pictures here is a story about 4 ducks.

A friend of mine asked me for a couple of mitten ducks, one black and one white, as a present for a toddler, so I put them together using the 100 % felt that I love so much (they parted too fast and there is no picture). I got this lovely felt  from UnBonDiaFieltro in Etsy. I ordered as much is possible to pack in an envelope to lower the price of the shipping, but still the equivalent cost of a sheet of felt of 20 cm X 30 cm 100% wool is  7.8 NIS (In Israel is possible to get same quality of felt at 10 NIS) so the price adds up.

Anyway,  the ducks were a big success and I got an order for another couple of ducks, but by then I didn’t had anymore felt left. There was some urgency for the ducks (birthday urgency) so I had the idea of painting thick canvas black and cutting it with pinking shears (thank you Revital!)

The pictures are of awful quality (taken with the phone at night) and the ducks can not be appreciated, but take my word, they came out quite charming. The beaks, eyes and hearts are made of felt.


I wanted to make them in an hour so they would not be expensive. It did not happen but I finished them in 1 hour and half, so I was happy enough. I had plenty of fun and it was interesting to create these things on a tight schedule. I painted the canvas and let it dry in the heater to accelerate the process. The question is that I made an awful mess in my studio. I was opening boxes of fabric like crazy, trying to decide which fabric to use, then I opened all the boxes where I keep the fabric paint. Scraps of felt where all over the place. So maybe I should say that they took me two hours, because the tiding up time also needs to be charged I suppose, and THAT time is not fun.

The most positive thing about this little enterprise is that now I know that canvas could be used as felt if cut with the pinking shears and painted, and this thick canvas has plenty of stiffness, somehow similar to felt.


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