Lulu, her tutu and her learning style

DSC_9650 DSC_9646


For a long time I have wanted to teach Lulu to sew, but she showed little interest. A couple of weeks ago I found her just about to sew helself a tutu for her upcoming dance class. A gave her a quick practice exercise (to sew nested rectangles in a piece of light canvas) which she did perfectly well and that was it.

We did a pijama pants together and I told her not to use the overlock machine without asking first, but she didn’t obeyed. One day I was in the kitchen and all the sudden I heard the overlock working. She was sewing a pillow and she was doing it so well that I gave up. I wonder how many of our cheap clothes are sewn by 7 year olds, certainly they are capable). She sewn the 4 sides of the pillow and then realized that she was going to have a problem with filling it.

This learning experience gave some insight on the way that she learns things. She seems the kind of person that learns thing when the need arises, but not before. I wonder if this is her problem in school (Lulu doesn’t like school). She has no need for math, and not much need for reading…yet.


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