Handlebar Bag or a Purl Bee Everyday Tote hack

DSC_8825 I made for Lulu a Handlebar Bag hacking the pattern from the Purl Bee Everyday Tote. The dimensions of the rectangles are 17 X 42 inches. I used one the pockets that I made for the bags and discarded. I made this pocket with the binding straps cut  1.5 inch wide and they weren’t perfect because I did not catch the binding on both sides at once, but still was a good pocket, and quite nice looking if you didn’t look carefully ( I solved this problem later using a 2 inch binding)


In the picture above is fully loaded: 4 books, liter of water, the rabbit pencilcase and the sandwich container. I just was checking.


Here it is less loaded with just a water bottle, seems to work well, it doesn’t touch the wheel.

The bike is going to be fully identifiable from now on on.


I used a couple of PRYM non sew metal press fastener to attach the bag to the handle bars and another one for closure. They are very quick to install. I also made a diagonal  seam to make the opening of the bag smaller, so the bag doesn’t touch the wheel when it is open. I took something like a couple of inches in each side, I think that the picture is sort self explanatory.

I got the Prym fastener in Tel Aviv, I think, or maybe it was in Beer Sheva. Anyway they carry them in Singer4u, which is a very good shop all things considered. They also have a website and you can order on the phone.



So much time have past since I finished the project that actually I’m able to do a review. I don’t think Lulu has used it much, because when she goes to school she puts everything in the her backpack, however it’s extremely useful for identifying her bike amidst the thousand bikes that are parked in the school bike parking. The pocket is sort of useless, I would say, kids don’t carry cellphones or wallets. The bike is always outside, so the pink color has faded a lot. The fastening also is not aging well, now it is very difficult to close, however the thing can be used open. The idea to attach the bag to the bike using the non sew metal fastener was good, though I haven’t take it out of the bag since I made it.


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