Sewing classes, first batch

My house, turned into a sewing studio, waiting for the ladies.


DSC_8554Sewing class

My original idea for the sewing course was to sew a simple tote bag, and then a pair of pants or a simple skirt, but I wasn’t counting on the IsraelI entrepreneurship. Each lady came to course with a very clear idea of a bag in mind, So the tote bag idea was discarded and we copy and modified and created three new bags from scratch.


Revital’s bag was made from an idea she saw in the internet and an upgrade from her old shoulder bag: a quite simple tote bag with a dart in the middle, catch by a rectangle of fabric. I had this two printed canvas from Ikea. Akerkulla from Eva Lundgreen and Stockholm from Maria Vinka (both 39 NIS/ meter) .I love that Ikea always tells who is the designer and I highly recomend Ikea fabrics, the price and the quality are very good.

For the details and the straps we used some strange a slippery mix of silk linen and cotton. I personally think that the design of the fabric is too heavy, makes it a little difficult to ware it with everyday clothes. But it was a wonderful exercise on bag design, working with slippery fabrics and top stitching.

100_5416 100_5417 100_5418

I love the inside of this bag, how that happy yellow lighten up. I have a weakness for clothes or accessories that are as beautiful inside that are outside.


100_5420   IMG_3952

What do you think those ladies are doing with the phone? I’m sure that they are talking about sewing tricks.

One thing that amazed me is how hard and happily we worked. I thought that it was going to be more chat and less work, but we did not stop for a second in the three hours of the lesson. I hardly stopped to take this pictures. And we had fun.

IMG_3953 IMG_3954


This is Tamar messenger bag. It came out amazing. She had a couple of upholstery fabrics, in earthen tones and she combined it with this pretty flowery print that added the right amount of color to the bag. Because the flowery print was too flimsy for a strap, she added a good amount of lining, using some natural cotton and polyester light canvas fabric, that was also used to line the bag itself and the pocket.

Can you see those perfect finishes? Im a proud teacher. Even the strap is adjustable, we found a ring that fit just right.


There is something very nice about designing a bag, something that we use everyday and it so important in our life. Or aren’t those second lost looking for a pen or a key  annoying?


All this designing took us a little more than the two classes I had in mind, but I think it was worth it.

The third bag is still in the making. The lady had a house to finish in between, I think.


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