Doll doing yoga

I’m happy with the body, though the faces could be improved. Also I need to try a faster way to make the hair. The way I do it now is crocheting a “hat” and then attaching the hairs one by one.  I have two more girls to be finished, and a boy that needs to be his photo taken.

What it puzzles me is that my kids are not interested in them, I don’t know if it is because that they are not interested in dolls at all or in this kind particularly. Lulu seem to be interested in teddy bears now, which is interesting, she never was before.


Lulu mentioned she wants the body to be all in the same color of felt, because “she wants to dress her”. Lets see if this is what makes a difference, though I’m not optimistic. She liked the waldorf doll I did a year ago a little better, though she does not play with her either.


3 thoughts on “Doll doing yoga

    1. La Fabrica Post author

      Thank you!. By now I have a crowd of dolls. I’m waiting for and special thread (silk embroidery) to attach the members and I’ll do another photo shoot. One of the doll did not withstand the hardships of belonging to a boy and she became dismembered. Of course, it was Shem using the doll as a weapon to take revenge on her sister (that, and mother-of-pearl buttons that are sharp).



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